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Our yacht provisioning list provides you with the best International produces and ingredients.

Shipped from France three times a week

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Directly from Paris, 3 times-a-week

Discover a sea of delicious fresh fish, shellfish and gourmet seafood, sourced from the best and most reputable fishermen in the world’s oceans. Whether wild or farmed, we have a great commitment to sustainable seafood, and our selection is testimony to that. Fresh seafood includes Wild Sea Bass, Handline caught sole, fresh organic salmon and other fish. We also have a great catalog for you to buy  Organic Madagascar shrimp, bouchot mussels, oysters and clams. Of course, don’t forget our extensive selection of buttery premium smoked salmon for sale from Scotland and Petrossian caviar.

Fish need not be a faff, we prepare the fish for you in your desired choice, so all you need to worry about is what recipe to follow…

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At Epicerie de Marie, we’re dedicated to delivering the highest-quality, naturally reared products directly from our shop to your yacht. To meet this goal, we work with traditional artisan craftspeople and farmers to source the finest quality products you can buy – each one hand selected, tasted and tested.

Wagyu Beef – Wagyu is produced from the same cattle breed known for producing the legendary Kobe beef of Japan. Australian Wagyu Beef is finished for a minimum of 300 days on a special Japanese formulation of grains to produce an incredibly marbled, high quality product. This finishing along with superior Wagyu genetics leads to butter knife tenderness. Greg Norman Signature Wagyu is graded by independent assessors who expertly grade marbling levels in the Wagyu Beef to international standards.Each of the valuable prime cuts are then specially sorted using the AAco Wagyu Grading System. Our Wagyu grades range from 3 to 12 with an average of 6 and only an elite 5% of cattle grade higher than 9. Wagyu (translates to “Japanese Cow”) cattle are bred to produce fat that is substantially lower in saturated fats than other beef, and is considered a super premium beef not only because of its generous marbling, but because of its fat quality.

Grass fed Beef (Hereford Prime, Simmental) – You’ll love our selection of grass-fed beef products for its rich and bold flavor and finely-grained texture. Raised free of feedlots, our grass-fed beef is always juicy, and always free of hormones, antibiotics and GMOs.

French Quercy Lamb – Discover the stunning flavor and texture of prime, pasture raised and grass-fed lamb for sale from Quercy. Succulent racks of lamb, legs of lamb loaded with juicy meat, shanks and more. Whether boneless or bone-in, we’ve got the cut of lamb that your recipes were waiting for. Buy lamb online from the delicious selection for sale year-round, and shipped fresh to your doorstep.

Acorn-fed Iberico Pig – Fresh Iberico meat is an exciting and delicious addition to our gourmet catalog! These succulent cuts of pork come from the same acorn fed Pata Negra breed of pigs used to create the coveted Jamon Iberico (iberico ham). This unique pig is a native breed of Spain, and it’s genetically blessed with natural marbled meat, much like Kobe beef, rendering it superbly buttery and tender. A diet high in fatty acorns and nuts, plus the flavorful grasses of the Dehesa makes fresh Iberico meat out-of-this-world delicious.

Limousin Milk fed Veal – What makes our milk-fed veal truly unique is a specially blended milk replacement of the highest quality rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. This diet not only ensures the proper development of a healhy animal, but also delivers a consistent delicate taste, exceptional tenderness and a beautiful creamy color highly valued by the most discerning and informed connoisseurs the world over. For the real foodie, milk-fed veal, low in fat and cholesterol, rich in protein and iron, meets today’s consumer need to eat healthy. Versatile and delicious, treat yourself to a memorable gastronomic experience with our milk-fed veal, truly authentic and locally grown,

Free-range corn fed Chicken – Our corn fed free-range chicken are from South west of France, and fed only on corn; hence the name.The corn diet doesn’t just give the meat a beautiful golden colour but also gives the meat a more intense flavour than standard white chicken, with a moister bite after cooking.

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Cured Meats

Gourmets and gourmands alike have a love affair with flavorful specialty meats, referred to as charcuterie items. Smoked, dried and salted, these meats have been carefully selected and imported from their country of origin, passed from generation to generation. Some, like the Jambon noir du Bigorre, are made in France using age-old methods. Others, like our Galician fuets, are produced in Spain, and staying true to their origins. You will find rare and delicious specialty meats that will tantalize your palate with flavors from spicy to mild, sweet to salty.

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Epicerie de Marie offers a selection of over 50 different gourmet cheeses from France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland. Whether you’re looking for a strong-tasting cheese to take your tastebuds for a roller coaster ride, or maybe want to soothe you palate with a smooth, creamy cheese, Epicerie de Marie is here to satisfy your cheese needs.

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We are offering superior quality fresh fruits and vegetables to our customers, which are hand selected every morning.

Established for twelve years, we have built up an exceptional reputation for superior quality, freshness and choice .

We are offering to bring this expertise to your yacht.

Your produce will be selected by professional greengrocers, who are trained to choose only the freshest and finest produce you would choose yourself.

We care passionately about our business, and the service we offer, that’s why we guarantee excellent quality and service.

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Known as the diamonds of the culinary world, truffles are prized all over the world for their pungent aroma and distinct flavor. A short season makes truffles all the more valuable, causing farmers across Italy and France to go into a truffle frenzy to find these delicious tubers. France is most famous for its black truffle, or the Perigord Truffle, while Italy has been culinary blessed with the white truffle, also known the Piedmont or Alba Truffle. There are many names for these precious tubers, but only one place to find them: right here! We are proud to carry fresh truffles while in season, and we offer preserved white and black truffles all year round. Plus, truffle oils, truffle butters and many more truffle products for your truffle enjoyment!