St Maarten / St Martin
24/7 Yacht Provisionning

Fresh products shipped from France three times a week – Contact us three days in advance
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Nicky - Yacht Chef

“Stephane is an excellent chef himself and is an invaluable source of knowledge on all the exceptional products he supplies. He will go above and beyond for his chefs, as he understands the high …” See more

– Nicky
Yacht Chef

Lucie Moulton - Yacht Chef

“I utilized his services on a variety of different sized vessels whilst provisioning in the Caribbean. He provided me with exceptional service, unquestionable integrity and communication; and an unparalleled level of imported cuisine…” See more

– Lucie Moulton
Yacht Chef

Yacht in Saint Martin

“I have always found his service and products to be exceptional, and if ever I found myself in a tight spot he was the man to turn too! With his weekly schedule of flights from Holland and Paris he can pretty …” See more

– Anton D Park
Head Chef

Food delivery to all marinas in St Maarten / St. Martin

For the best in yacht catering, look no further. Quite simply, we deliver the finest gourmet products directly to your yacht, with our specialised yacht and super yacht provisioning service. We provide food delivery to all marinas in our climate controlled vehicle, as part of our boat provisioning prime delivery service.

Weekly delivery from France

Most of our products are flown from the Rungis market in Paris twice-a-week (Thursdays and Saturdays). The Rungis market is the largest wholesale food market in the world. So this is the best quality from France twice a week. But we also have the best local ingredients, foods and products from the caribbean. The best list in St Maarten.

Our clients – yachts going through the caribbean

Yachts and super yachts have been our clients for years. We know what they need, how they work. We provide: Yacht catering boat provisioning, food delivery, prime delivery.