Yacht and super yacht owners say time and time again that we understand first-class catering provisioning better than anyone else. Chefs love us for the incredible quality that we repeatedly deliver, giving us the best references we could hope to receive. Take a look for yourself.

The very best provisioner in the Caribbean

Caroline, Chef at S/Y Ocean’s Seven Squared

I’ve been using the Epicerie de Marie for over 7 years now. What started as a quick stop for my olive oils and speciality produce has turned in to a one stop shop for superb quality meats, fish and vegetables directly from Rungis, Paris. Stephane’s shop is a little treasure trove of amazing quality produce, and he has sourced some of the best suppliers to maintain that quality. I can rely on him to deliver the best produce year round. The French owners on my current boat are consistently impressed by the quality of the food, making my job so much easier ! One word ? Amazing.

I have had the pleasure of working with Stephane for the past 5 years

Anton D Park, Head Chef at MY Alfa Nero

I have always found his service and products to be exceptional, and if ever I found myself in a tight spot he was the man to turn too! With his weekly schedule of flights from Holland and Paris he can pretty much get you anything you need from Europe in the quickest possible time. I personally highly recommend him to any yacht chef who is in St Maarten.

James Puckle, Master at S/Y Mikado

Many thanks for all your help this season.

Thank you so much for helping us make this trip a huge success

Lawson Rothgeb, Purser/Chief Stewardess, from M/Y Limitless :

The Owners have commented on several items in particular that you supplied and the overall quality of the provisions. GREAT JOB! Chef Mark gave them your name.

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephane in the Winter of 2012. Now that we work together regularly, I cannot imagine how I survived provisioning for delicious foods before


I utilized his services on a variety of different sized vessels whilst provisioning in the Caribbean. He provided me with exceptional service, unquestionable integrity and communication; and an unparalleled level of imported cuisine which ranged from delicious fruits and vegetables to foie gras and Irish oysters. Stephane assisted in sourcing the finest gastronomique items that I could not have found anywhere else in the US or the Caribbean. I ordered fresh fish and quality meats and cheeses that regularly pleased my guests.
He takes the guess work out of finely sourced brands and delivers them seamlessly to your yacht or villa. Amongst my favorite items have been jars of grilled aubergine, carciofini, and pearl onions imported from Italy that enhanced the most delicious cheeses and charcuterie that inspired me to return again and again to L’Epicerie de Marie. Do not miss out on lunch at the cafe where Stephane creates tuna tartare whilst he tells you stories of his youth growing up in Paris. If it’s not on your agenda, quickly add a stop at his shop to the top of your list. You can thank me later.

Only a chef understands the requirements of a chef


Stephane’s many trips to Rungis in Paris ensure I receive the latest products of the highest quality

Epicerie de Marie is the finest provisioning service I have had the pleasure of working with throughout my whole 7 years working as a yacht chef

Nicky – Yacht Chef

Stephane is an excellent chef himself and is an invaluable source of knowledge on all the exceptional products he supplies. He will go above and beyond for his chefs, as he understands the high pressure environment we work in, and the extreme demands placed on us.